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If you are looking for great slots to play online, then you’re at the right place.  We review slots unapologetically – the popular, the unknown, the good, the bad and the ugly.  We also keep a special eye open for slots UK players really like – whether it’s because of a British theme, or a special bonus available.

Why these are the best slot sites in the uk?

Of course, you need to find a place to play all these slots online. There are literally thousands of slot sites and online casinos, and obviously some are better than others, while some are even downright shady. Our team combs through the internet to find the best sites to play slots, evaluating each according to a list of criteria.

So what makes a site a good place to play online slots?

Trustworthiness is the first thing here. We’re talking about real money after all. The sites we recommend have best-of-class security, are audited externally to ensure fair payout rates, and have been tried and tested by players. Some are online casinos that are publicly traded on the stock exchange, so you know they are well-respected companies.

Next up is the game selection.  Do the games come from a trusted game developer? Big names include Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech. Then there are more boutique slot makers like Thunderkick and NYX. We like sites that have slots from different developers because it means there’s a bigger palate to sample from. Obviously, how quick a site adds newly released titles to update its collection is also important.

Last but not least, we look for promotions. Does the site or casino offer bonuses or free spins on a regular basis? We also look into the specifics of each promotion to see if it is as good as it sounds, and also compare it other offers out there. Because there’s simply no need to settle for less.

Favorite UK Progressive Jackpots

Online vs land-based

Other than fantastic animations and a plethora of themes, online slots aren’t so different from the classic slot and fruit machines you might have played in Las Vegas or in your local pub. However, you should also know that online slots also have these differences:

  • Coins: More specifically, coin size. This is important because everything in online slots, including your win, will be calculated through coins. So for example, if you win 100,000 coins and your coin size is £01, then it means you win £1,000.
  • Paylines: A fruit machine or a classic slot is 3 reels, 1 payline. You win when you get 3 matching symbols in the middle row. With online video slots, you can get 5 reels with 25 or 50 paylines, sometimes even more. Your matching symbols don’t have to be in the middle row for you to win. A payline might be a zigzag through all the reels. You can see which are the paylines in the ‘Info’ or ‘Help’ section of the game. And don’t worry, the game auto-detects a win, so you don’t have to remember how the payline goes.
  • Bonuses and special features: There are a lot more bonus features and special games in online slots, where you can get free spins, or multipliers that multiply the size of your win. And of course, there are also bonuses from online casinos that give you extra credit to play with.

How to play slots online

It’s easy to play slots online. Most of them follow a format similar to classic slot machines, and if you’ve never had a spin, then here’s our guide to getting started. We assume you’ve already signed up for an account at an online casino.

  1. Choose any slot game that strikes your fancy. Once the game loads, you’ll have a screen with all the reels in front of you. Typically, at the bottom of the reels is a dashboard menu, where you can adjust your settings.
  2. In the dashboard, adjust your coin size. Coin size can range from a penny to £2 or more.
  3. Then adjust the number of paylines you want to enable. Or in plain English, the number of lines you want to bet on. Some slots may have all paylines activated and you won’t be able to change this.
  4. Next, adjust the number of coins you want to bet on per line. Again, not all slots have this feature.
  5. The total bet per spin will be automatically calculated and show up on your dashboard. When you’re happy with it, you can press the ‘Spin’ button. Sometimes it’s the ‘Play’ button. In any case, it will be pretty obvious and you can’t miss it.
  6. When you get the hang of that, you can go into ‘Auto’ mode, sometimes called ‘Advanced’ mode. Here you can set the number of spins you want the game to spin by itself. If you hit a win or enter a special bonus game during those spins, then the auto-spin function will stop and you will be in charge to decide when you want it back on again.

Flat Top vs Progressive Slots

Standard slots have flat tops. This means there is a maximum number of coins you can win. On the internet, however, you’ll find progressive slots. Progressive slots, also known as progressive jackpots or sometimes simply as jackpots, have uncapped wins and are known for making people into overnight millionaires. How does it work?

So for example, one of the most famous progressive jackpot slots is Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, which set the world record for biggest jackpot payout ever, at a cool £13.21 million, to one lucky British soldier.

Mega Moolah is available at many different online casinos, and the progressive jackpot is linked centrally via Microgaming. As players keep spinning, the central jackpot keeps growing. Because the central jackpot is linked it has a lot more players, it can grow to a much higher amount than a standard video slot that runs independently. When a player from any of the casinos spins the ultimate winning combination on his or her reels, then he or she wins that huge jackpot.

Obviously, winning a million pounds doesn’t happen everyday and you will need a good bit of luck to get that lucky.  You might be wondering whether it’s worth trying given the odds. Well, in addition to the progressive jackpot, progressive slots also have normal paylines with normal payouts, so it’s not an all or nothing situation. There’s still cash to be won and fun to be had even when you don’t become the next jackpot superstar.


  • What is the difference between Download and Flash?

Some online casinos offer their games through a software that you have to download. Normally this is an .exe file for Windows computers only. Other casinos offer their game through Flash, Instant Play, or HTML 5. In these casinos, there’s nothing to download – you just play in your internet browser and it works for both PC and Mac computers.

  • What are Special features?

Online slots have special features such as wilds, multipliers, and scatters. Wilds can substitute for any symbol to form a winning payline; multipliers can multiply the size of your win; scatters unlock special bonus games with extra free spins and goodies.  Some special bonus games will have you solving puzzles that lead to extra big wins.

  • Can I play for free?

Yes, definitely. Plenty of casinos offer demo versions of various slots, although there is no cash to be won in demo games. Look for bonuses and free spins if you want to play for free and still win cash. Some casinos offer no deposit bonuses when you sign up, usually worth £5 or £10, so you can play a few free games before you decide to make a real money deposit.

  • Can I play on mobile?

Generally yes. Most online casinos have a mobile version with the more popular slots readily available.  Some may require you to download an app. With HTML 5 sites, aka instant play, you can just go to the site in your phone or tablet’s browser, login and start playing. However, making slots available for mobile is a real process, so not all the games are available and some lesser-known slots from may only be available online in desktop casinos.

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With games starting from a penny, and chances to win extra change or a life-changing jackpot, online slots are packed with excitement, and it’s not difficult to see why it’s one of the most popular games on the internet.

Whether you’re new to online slots, or a veteran slots pro, you’ll find everything you need to have the best online playing experience on this site.  From slot reviews, to casino reviews, and the latest and greatest bonuses, our team works hard to make sure you have everything you need at your finger tips.