Skills-Based Slots Machine Games - The Future of Slots

Skills-Based Slots Games

Skills-Based Slots Machine Games - The Future of Slots

Written by elena rangelova
November 22, 2017

Slot games are games of chance. You spin the wheels and hope the reels line-up in your favor. However, a new type of slot machine aimed at millennials called “Skill Based Gambling Machines” hope to remove the element of luck somewhat and replace it some strategy and aptitude.

Skill based gambling machines are been pioneered by gaming manufacturer “Gameco”, and so far according to executives the demand for skill-based slots has outstripped supply.

So What Exactly are Skill-Based Slots?

As the name suggest skill-based slots are devices where the luck is not the determining factor but instead the players ability and skill at the game is the main factor.

A Shaky Start:

Regardless of the what Gameco executives claim, skills-based slots have not got off to the best start. After, been rolled out in Atlantic City they were eventually removed as they were not making enough of return on income to cover the licensing fees.

However, Gameco, are still positive that they will eventually catch-on.

Australia The Next Stop:

The next phase of testing for skill-based slots is Australia. Australians love their slots, known as pokies, and it’s a perfect country for a beta test.

Will Millennials Come Around?

The proof in the pudding will be if millennials take-up playing these new machines – as they are the target market that Gameco envisioned when they created them. Only time will tell.

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