Neosurf Payment System Review

What is Neosurf?

Neosurf Payment MethodNeosurf is an online fund transfer service provider that was established in France in 2004. There are two types of systems available on their platform, the Neosurf MasterCard and Neosurf prepaid voucher. The former works exactly like a MasterCard debit card where you can recharge it with credits as often as you like.

The prepaid voucher is the more widely-used system, allowing you to make deposits at online casinos anonymously. You simply purchase a voucher from thousands of convenient locations, then enter the validation code on the voucher at the cashier page of your chosen online casino and you can play with those credits immediately.

More and more online casinos are offering Neosurf as a deposit option. Why is Neosurf getting increasingly popular recently and is this the right payment method for you? Continue reading our review which will give all the information you need to decide if you should use this payment system. When you’re ready to check out some Neosurf slots casinos, these are the ones we recommend:

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The Pros and Cons of Depositing Via Neosurf


  • You can deposit anonymously – No other payment options can offer as much anonymity nor privacy as Neosurf prepaid voucher. You can purchase the vouchers in cash without giving up any of your personal information to anyone within the whole depositing process.
  • Offers a good range of deposit amount- You can make deposits from as low as $10 to as high as $100. If you want to deposit more, you simply have to purchase another voucher and enter the numbers at the online casino you want to play at.
  • Your deposit will be available instantly – Some deposit methods, like wire transfer, can take a few days before your funds reach your casino account. With Neosurf, the moment you’ve successfully keyed in the voucher code, the corresponding funds will immediately be available to use.


  • Can’t use Neosurf for withdrawals – Unfortunately, you won’t be able to withdraw any funds using Neosurf. But don’t worry. Online casinos usually will offer you another option to make withdrawals even if you’ve only made deposits using Neosurf.
  • Not as widely available as some other payment methodsNeosurf is not as widely available as other methods like Paysafecard or credit cards. However, it’s becoming more popular and more online casinos are gradually offering this option of payment.

Depositing Using Neosurf

To accurately decide if Neosurf is the right choice for you, we have assessed a few more elements of the payment system to help you make the correct decision.

How easy is it to register for a Neosurf account

The beauty of using Neosurf prepaid voucher to make deposits is that you don’t even have to register for anything at all. At no point of the entire process are you required to disclose any information about yourself, not even your name.

Speed of depositing

Once you’ve purchased a prepaid voucher, you can immediately log in to your selected Neosurf slots casino, enter the voucher code, and start playing. Once bought, the vouchers last for a year, therefore, you can stock up on them so you’ll hardly have any downtime at all.

The fees involved with using Neosurf

The company itself won’t charge you for using Neosurf, though the online casino you use the vouchers at might. However, Neosurf charges a 2% fee if currency conversion is involved. For example, if you buy a prepaid voucher in France with credits in Euros and enter the voucher to your casino account, which is in Pounds, then that will incur a 2% fee.

Our Final Thoughts

Should you want a fast and anonymous payment option, there’s probably no better choice out there than Neosurf. However, you should prepare an alternative method to withdraw your winnings. Without the need to register anything and the vouchers being purchasable by cash, you really can leave no traces behind when you make deposits. If your favourite casino doesn’t offer Neosurf as an option, feel free to take a look at our recommended casinos that do while also providing high security and a topnotch player experience too.