Siru Mobile Payment System Review

What is Siru Mobile?

Siru Mobile Payment methodSiru Mobile is a tech company established in 2011 in Finland, specialising in mobile solutions. In recent years, the company has been actively investing in becoming a viable payment solutions provider within the online casino industry. Not only that, but they are also expanding their services to more countries. At the moment, Siru provides services in Finland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Because the company is a relatively new payment solutions provider in the online casinos market, you don’t find a lot of sites offering this particular way to deposit. Not only does our review tell you the advantages and disadvantages of using this payment method, but we’ll also point you to the best Siru Mobile UK online slots casinos there are. Check out our recommended casinos, that are guaranteed to be safe, honest, and provide topnotch user experience:

Best Siru Mobile Slot Casinos

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The Pros and Cons of Depositing Via Siru Mobile


  • No account registration necessary – Making deposits at a Sirumobile slots casino is fast and easy because you don’t need to go through the exhausting process of registering for a Siru account. Because there’s no account registration, your personal data isn’t passed on to any third party, protecting your privacy.
  • Unmatched convenience for mobile players – Trying to pay using your small smartphone can sometimes be a pesky task with the limited screen size, especially if the interface of the casino site isn’t optimised for mobile users. However, with Siru Mobile, you only need to key in your mobile phone number and then authenticate the transaction with the code sent to your phone. It’s as simple as that!
  • High security and compliant – No personal data, except your phone number, is transferred to the casino site, which makes it almost impossible for third parties to get their hands on your information. Furthermore, Siru uses a two-factor authentication procedure and complies to the regulations of the country it operates in.
  • Play with your credits now and pay later – You’ll never have to worry about whether your bank account or cards have sufficient funds for you to make deposits. At a Siru Mobile online slots casino, you can always make a deposit and only settling the bill when your monthly mobile phone bill arrives. You can literally play first and pay later!


  • Can’t use Siru Mobile for withdrawals – Siru Mobile is a great payment system but it can’t accept any withdrawals. However, online casinos will always allow you to cash out using other methods, usually bank transfer.
  • Fees involved when making deposits – Siru Mobile charges a fee on each deposit you make via their system. You’ll clearly see what the fees are after you initiated the payment process and you can always cancel it at any time before you authenticate the transaction.
  • Not suitable for high rollers – There’s a daily and monthly deposit limit when you use Siru Mobile depending on which country you’re in and the network operator you’re using. This is to be compliant with the rules and regulations set by the country’s governing authority. In the UK, the monthly deposit limit set by Siru Mobile is £500 but some network operators only allow £250.

Depositing Using Siru Mobile

We look further into different aspects of banking via Siru Mobile and how well they perform against the following criteria.

How easy is it to register for a Siru Mobile account

You don’t need a Siru Mobile account to make deposits. If it’s your first time using it at an online casino, you’ll have to confirm your mobile number there. Once that’s done, you simply need to select the payment method, accept the terms, and authenticate the payment with the verification code sent to your mobile phone.

Speed of depositing

Depositing with Siru Mobile is easy and instant. After you’ve successfully authenticated the transaction, you can immediately play with what you’ve just deposited.

The fees involved with using Siru Mobile

Siru Mobile charges a fee to transfer funds for you. How much they charge depends on which mobile network you’re using and what product or service you’re purchasing. This amount will always be clearly displayed before you give the green light to the final step of the payment process.

Our Final Thoughts

Being a tech company specialising in mobile phone solutions, you can trust that Siru Mobile constantly updates their software to ensure that users get maximum security with minimum risks when they make deposits. With this system, your mobile phone becomes an extremely convenient yet secure payment tool without needing you to disclose personal information to third parties. Now, you can pay anytime and anywhere easily with the least possible hassle without worrying if there are sufficient funds in your bank account. Experience this amazing service yourself at any of our recommended Siru Mobile casinos today!