Ace of Spades Review

Looking for the charms of an old school slot? Then you will love this old style classic 3-reel slot from Play N Go. Most fruit machines fall back on face cards, when they run out of ideas for reel symbols. But Ace of Spades embraces them as the main thing, throwing in some crowns and 4 leaf clovers for good measure.  You won’t find any bonus games or free spins either, but you won’t find annoying complications either. And with a 2,500 coin fixed jackpot worth up to £12,500 at maximum bet and coin value, you can still win some serious cash.


  • Slot type: Video Slot
  • Reels: 3
  • Scatter: No
  • Theme: Retro
  • Lines: 1
  • Bonus Game: no
  • Wild Symbol: Ace of Spades
  • Free Spins: No
  • Software: Play N GO

How to Play

Ace of Spades is laid out in Play N Go’s standard template for 3- reel classic shots.  There’s the high end of a card deck, from Ace to Jack, as well as some high value crowns and lucky 4-leaf clovers. The paytable on the right is straightforward, showing the value of payouts for 1, 2, and 3 coin wins.

As with most fruit machines, the payline is a solid black line, and symbols must cross it to count towards a win. For the most part, you need three of a kind, but a combination of any face cards (J, Q, or K) is also a medium-level winner.

Before you jump in and start spinning, choose your bet value by pressing the blue button, cycling from £0.25 to £5 per spin. You can also click the number of coins, cycling from 1 to 3. Or just click on “Bet Max” to bet 3. Once you are ready, just press “Spin” and off you go.  An AutoPlay option lets you relax and coast.

The 5 symbols, in order of their value are:

  • Ace
  • Crown
  • K
  • Q
  • Clover
  • J

Aces substitute for any other symbol to put together winning combinations. One ace as part of a winning line doubles the prize. And two aces quadruple the normal prize for a winning line, except of course in the case that you are lucky enough to pull 3 aces, in which there there’s no quadrupling but there is a hefty jackpot of 800, 1600 or 2500 coins, depending on how many coins you bet.

The Clovers are also exceptional as symbols. If you get 3 of a kind on the payline, you get a nice win.  But you also get a win, although a small one, just by having 2 or even 1 Clover show.

Important symbols

Wild: Ace of Spades


  • no
  • brand
  • button
  • rating bonus


The fixed jackpot to Ace of Spade is worth 2,500 coins and be won if you spin 3 Ace of Spades on the payline. You can only win the jackpot if you play with 3 coins per spin. Otherwise, betting at 2 coins will “only” get you 1,600.

Special Features and Bonuses

The doubling and quadrupling effects of Aces when combined with other winning symbols is a really nice touch.

Graphics and Sounds

The background “music” resembles ambient noise from a game arcade or casino lobby. Not particularly interesting, but not annoying either. The reels spinning sounds suitably mechanical.


This classic slot hearkens back to a simpler time and place. But the folks at Play N Go clearly know their business, and they understand that keeping things simple can be a winning ticket in gaming. Old-timers may find themselves swept away in a wave of nostalgia, and younger players may like the retro appeal of this unsurprising but satisfying game. If you like the play, and you get lucky on the payline, we are confident you won’t be bored in the least. This slot’s longevity tells us that many other punters have enjoyed it… in spades!